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A rousing argument against pessimism as well as hope.


released September 30, 2014

Lovingly produced and recorded by Ryan Liptak in his parents basement 2012-2014
Lyrics by Happy Tooth and Dug.
Music composed and performed by Ryan Liptak.
Mixed and mastered by Mark Abrams at Vaughan Music Studios.
Cover art by Chris Naderer and Chris Cropper.
Additional instrumentation by Eric Dixon, Greg Wolfram, Corey Blaies, Phil Effingham.
Additional album credits at www.HappyToothAndDug.com
©2014 Happy Tooth & Dug all rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Happy Tooth & Dug Columbus, Ohio

Two emcees deliver poetically driven verses over progressive arrangements that reflect sweeping lyrical concepts. The six- piece group is fronted by lyricists Happy Tooth and Dug and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Liptak. Their debut album is called W.H.Y.G.O.D.W.H.Y.
"Definitely something different in a sea of sames." -Ara Hawkins, Virago Magazine.

"Fuck Happy Tooth & Dug" - Father John Misty
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Track Name: Smoke, Steam, Dust
(Ryan): Why, why listen to me?
Nothings what we're promising,
I'm just a commodity.
(Dug): Paralyzed and posing in an attempt to pass it off as stoic.
I'm a poet and I didn't even realize it. It's like your didgeridoo is belittling you, musical instruments can't prescribe medicine.
This is just the cream filling between beatings at the labor camp.
I'm the reigning champ of nothing more than recognizing pestilence, death defying petulance forever lives in dying young. I went and skinned the wolf and left my inner child crying dumb.
Deaf to America, America is deaf to me.
My destiny will be the death of me, burn my songs along with the rest of me. My landlocked sandbox, I never said I had a plan. My tendencies are festering while my identities gone cattle brand. Motivational speakers never mention success is a speech for suckers. The world could never be at peace, the pieces eat each other. All I wanted was to make this all you ever want, but you can't feed your family chord progressions. "Young Adult Wasteland" just don't roll off the tongue, so I'll be sold, bought and done before the forces of the fourth dimension.
The corner of Digit and Gimmick, another cynic born, on some, "Hey kids! Rob your nearest liquor store!" It's about time you learned adults are either lying or just misinformed.
(Pause for dramatic effect) Let me be the soundtrack to your same old shit, I'll even edit out the clouds I paint my rainbows with. I'm simply here to guide you to the places that I haven't seen, that brighter shade of pasture green, this ain't the way it has to be. A Plasticine catastrophe or sterilized paradise. Good thing you left the decision up to musicians, huh? You probably mistake me for having a stake in the outcome, sore bones and hormones, too old to be this young. Naive pipe dreams surviving when you bought the album. Everything sucks except us. Give us your money.
Smoke, steam, and dust. Smoke, steam and dust.
We interfere with crystal clear, it's different here with us.
We disappear, so insincere, don't believe in us.
All we are is smoke, steam and dust.
All we are is smoke, steam and dust.
(Happy Tooth):Everybody's blind, and this life's a smokescreen.
I tried to eat my pride and died, it choked me. Let's kill it before it knows its alive, and disease succeeds and kills whats inside. Just a lie, justified forever with this fact; we've never been intact, skin's better singed and cracked. Drenched in black, cause it reflects how we live. So caught up in ourselves that we don't see shit. Facetious, average people are conceited. They feel that they've been cheated, so their ego, they feed it. The people they need it to understand their condition and make an actual religion outta capitalism. A tragic collision with so-called entertainment, so simple and basic, somebody said center-stage-it. Get an agent, cause that fools a role model, he's cool and hollow and someone they'll follow. Tomorrow, all the people will forget what God is, and trade in their crosses for something obnoxious. Prophets that tell the people why to breathe. I just wanna tell the tree that it used to be a seed. Beautifully conceived, and sold at a bargain, right out of the garden, so our souls are starving. I'd talk truth if anybody would listen. Screw wisdom, I'm a musician with his muse missing. You lift them mistaken and make them a savior. So embrace the behavior while saviors get faker. Your a lie, born to die, borderline horrified. Sorta high, so mortified, this glorified story died.
Why, why listen to me?
Nothings what we're promising.
I'm just a commodity.
Track Name: Gray Area Blues
We've got the blues, the talking blues. I mean at least it got us talking. Aside from the sky, we'll all got em too. Truth is I think that it's awesome. Let's admit, a little bit. We've all got something in common and come unglued on what to do,
(All):Now that we know that we got em!
They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I've got no guesses what that says about the road to Heaven. Born the doormat of perception, with no format or direction. Met my reflection, didn't respect him, (All):now I'm learning my lesson.
(Ryan and Dug):So I'm setting up a talk show, every midnight at the crossroads. I'm writing down all the lines I walk, so on the day that I don't mind, it's cause I gave up and lost mine.
I said question everything, that's the answer, sure, but ask me why that is and I'll stop. "Quit with the quest in the questions and just enjoy it instead,"said the voice in my head, but then he's just a lot of talk. All I wanted was enlightenment, even just a tiny bite of it. Rock n' roll and bottled soul to pass around the fire pit. But their not changing their plans unless they already plan to.
Is it still taking a stand when nobody understands you?
Is it my shackles or my shadow that I battle with?
Am I an actor or an activist? Am I the cattle or the catalyst?
It's you whose gotta save you, even when it's from you.
Running from yourself, well tell me, who you gonna run to? Who you gonna run to? One of these days I'll procrastinate, but until then tomorrows gonna have to wait. I tell me waking hurts you, yeah but what have day dreams earned you? A flooded engine from suggestions only mentioned half awake, you call that escape? Come on. Just jump for the sky, like a lie is a way out, draw new blueprints for amusement and as soon as your finished. Go about your normal business. (All):Pity party parade route! I'll just bottle all the fossils of the awful strife, and only ever use this one song device, where I spent my whole life, seeking the meaning of life. So I could figure out the meaning of needing the meaning of life, to be happy. In case life doesn't think to thank me for asking. And the future's just a rumor, but listen to the past it's laughing. Educated stupid, lease us your bones. Trust in the combustion and leave your seeds among the stones. And we're all forget it, I'll never accept it. I'll regret it in advance. We knew what we wanted but we couldn't confront it, so we leave us alone. See what I'm really trying to say is that if anybody really knew what they were trying to say, they wouldn't have to try and say anything,
they'd just say it. You know?
You're either building a future or your tearing it down. Among the rubble with a shovel trying to bury the ground. Oh it's hilarious now, then a chuckle, then a grumble, then you're not even mad at yourself, naw, cause you're barely around.
All for it's expected use, it's a dull-edged and selective truth.
Outside the routine it's confusing, you don't get it, and it gets to you. I figure what I'm turning into, should be better then what I turned out to be. I miss the comfort of being sad, when hunger's numb and slumbers had. It's like I forget how to swim, the second somebody isn't drowning me. I'd come into my own, but you know, I never thought it would come to that. Red ellipses open slow, and crowbar outta comatose. A wreck expecting best of days, who on most occasions forgets to shave. Not bothering with water wings, just bothered by a lot of things. Oh failing all, don't fail me now.
I was hoping you could bail me out.
I'll talk anything but business, I'll make anything but a difference,
I need a way to change the world but please not anything specific.
(Ryan and Dug): I could be a pebble, or I could be the devil.
It's all in fun, it's all been done, and everybody's special.
Sleeping is restful, but dreaming is stressful.
The possibilities are killing me. The gray area's in pencil.
Track Name: Exhaust Pipe Dreams
I'm sick and fucking tired of being uninspired.
Be a disciple, be a soldier, keep it simple, mediocre.
I'll eat the toaster, cause I ain't got the bread. I don't know where I'm headed cause I lost my head. Lost my meds, but didn't lose the addiction. We wouldn't be so different if we had the same prescriptions. We're victims, restricted to existence. Wait, what's the difference? The symptoms are intrinsic. Get with it the sickness is contagious. My head's a mental hospital, can't do much but be patient. Vacation until I'm vacant so my head can better breathe. Singing songs in the shower that I'd been screaming in my sleep. I'm in too deep, and slowly getting deeper. I wish I could remember dreams, I'm a heavy sleeper. So whats cheaper? Heroin or happiness?
I wish I had an abacus I guess I'll take a stab at this.
Grab the kids, hide them in the closet with your skeletons. Tell them we're irrelevant, and the televisions eloquent. To hell with friends, my life's a game of solitaire. The universe is infinite but maybe we're too small to care. All is fair, in love, war, and self delusion. Banging your head against a writer's block can seem therapeutic. I swear it's music, even if poorly recorded. If it has enough heads behind it, it's surely supported. The scores not important, we all had a fun time. Playing in toxic waste, soaking up sunshine.
But we're all one mind, made up of cells that kill each other.
The body don't need consciousness, sleepwalking isn't really slumber. At least that's what my doctor tells me.....
The grass is green. Like gasoline.
Since the day I didn't wake up, been livin the dream. x2
Hating your life's a full-time occupation. Getting a second job could cause complications. Have patience, these vagrants display great persuasion. We're sadists that hate this, convey each statement verbatim. We're bums, but we're fun. We've got gunk in our lungs. I'm the son of a son of a son of a son. It's my heritage, I'm scared of this. My father's a drum. We talk process nonsense and call it a song on a bun. Well if it's wrong to be dumb, let's arrest the population. Prescribe abomination, the common domination. A higher concentration of exhaust pipe dreams. The world's mine I swear, I just lost the keys.
Wanna see a magic trick? Watch! I'll unravel quick. Gimme the next course, a dead horse, I'll saddle it. You could be the catalyst. You could sink my battleship. You could be the cloud in the sky that makes us shadow-less. Ace of spades up my sleeve, so my hands are free to fold with. I fought the law, but the law didn't notice.
A rose is a rose, and a poem is a moment.
But neither of those can choke your opponent......shit.
The grass is green. Like gasoline.
Since the day I didn't wake up, been livin the dream x2
I'm sick and fucking tired of aspiring to expire.
And applying to ply the empire until I'm dead or I'm retired.
I'm required to run full speed at walls, over and over, expecting different results. We're just the typical talk, dripping with cynical slop. We're ill like lepers, we're the shepherds of a fictional flock. But the rituals lost. No one remembers to dance.
So we've written this thought, like there was ever a chance.
So here's another dull verse for ya'll to enjoy!
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Jack.
Track Name: Last Words
When my time comes, I want a legacy. An effigy to represent the people dead to me. Especially the revelry and the cataclysm. Before I had a vision I became an apparition. I had ambition but lost it chasing infamy. And faking sympathy disintegrated instantly. Differently, my dreams became twisted. The point was so cryptic, I felt like I'd missed it. Conflicted, I burned the suit and tie. So you and I'd escape suicide. I knew a guy who traded life for work. He died of thirst, and denied his worth. I search the fear and persevere. This verse is clear, the hearse is near. Me vs. the years is a losing battle. And getting noticed is hopeless like chewing gravel. A moving shadow, that's my story now. An allegory bound to a stormy cloud. A sorry clown inside of life's circus. Why word this subversive? I'll die with my curses. I prefer this, and I don't look back the past hurts. We'll die bastards.
Choking on our last words.
I'll probably die in a gutter without my mother or brother my heart will flutter, to my lover I'll mutter..
Is this what I'm meant for? To die on this thin floor? I just could've bee more, I've been dead since I've been born. x2
I died inside when I heard the first quote. Sliding slow from a dying throat. While he spoke, I wrote it down. It erodes the ground its so profound. So no sound goes unrecorded. Everything before that's unimportant. Unsupported by files and archives. One little statement defines all of our lives. A star dies, and it's light projects, and I suspect that life connects. It's complex, the last moment alive, but the opponent is time. Disown it and die. I wanna make a statement. So you debate, hate it or relate with my hatred. Waste it. Scream out, "Fuck today." When death comes, I won't know what to say.
Track Name: Asleep At The Wheel
We can't help you. But then you never really asked us too. Mostly we were talking to ourselves as if that was talking business. But that would depend on if the deep ends within walking distance. Well I jumped off the deep end too and got the weekend blues just trying to get ahead of schedule, but I got there so late the future had already passed. See, the only honest way to end your autobiography is with "To Be Continued," but there's just something so anti-climactic about a success story without that twist ending, you know what I mean? No...my life's an open book because I never got closure.
I just got older and older and then the novel was over.
Well the novel was alright until the novelty wore off,
but I'm getting to the point that I can't stand my own company.
Guess it's our destiny to live recklessly, and forget we're only human. We mistake these strangers for loved ones to swear that we know we knew them. So we speak only to hear the echo misquoted, even silence can be misinterpreted. All actions have consequences, but so does doing nothing. Then let's forget what we know and think about what we don't. The only time you're ever alive is in the present. So accept it. You can only live forever if you believe in forever. It's tomorrow I don't believe in, which must be why when I wake up it's always just today again, and that's fine, every things fine, every things final, every things finite, and times running out faster then we run after it. Maybe we're just over thinking it. But how do we know we're thinking too much when it's so underwhelming to think less? I try not to think about it. If I try hard enough, I can shut out everything outside myself to end up with nothing. Just the dial tone behind the universe that's the ringing in my ears I've been trying to talk over. So we keep breathing smoke, steam and dust until our lungs bleed, why are we asleep in this one dream where we just eat to get hungry? And what have all the platitudes added to? Plastic food for the rubber soul? Another hole in my head to use as advertising space? We're so out of it and powerless that as the hours shift we're shouting this, because we've never known what power is. A side effect of social class is being well aware we're known as trash. So we're just dry rot, and why not? There was the one war and now that's done for, now it's sit there and sign here. I'm asleep at the wheel. No problem, I don't know how to drive anyway. I was only headed to the top cause I heard it was the only way out. Where do you go when you realize the ceilings rock bottom? If time is money, why trade one for the other? What happens when the life you're living is the disease you're ignoring? When all your rights are wrong, what's left? I don't know. This is why you don't cut down your only tree to build a tree house. But it's so hard to preach loud or keep the beast down when every time we speak out we breed doubt and each cloud is another plateau of cash flow.
Still we're finding silver linings but we're lying.
Go on dreaming like you're lying through the evening
where the grass grows.
I mean it's not that bad though, even if this is our last show.
Waking hurts you in a world that waged the Earth to keep on faking virtue like they were raised at birth to. Go on dreaming or it's so long meaning. Breaking curfew like there's no dawn creeping into the slow long evening. We'll help you. At least we'll try like Hell to. They only held you to hold you responsible, but we held you to tell you there's nothing left but self to sell you. Until life's gone by, oh why God why? You went to spend it and it fell through. But at least when it ended it felt new.
Track Name: Waking Hurts You, Go On Dreaming, We'll Help You
I'm not a renegade, no pennies saved, so my rent is paid. Follow, imitate, integrate, instigate and swallow lemonade. But these intoxicants can't be consciousness, I promise kids. Be honest with the consequence that condescends the promises. The week is starting, while the weak are still starving. We keep marching and marching to try disarming our kings heartstrings. When thunder splits where structures sit the public gets it's publicist to run with this to a government so fucking sick they cover it. So tell me a knock-knock joke, cause see I've not got hope. And it's a nonstop slope, until we're on top, broke. I've got it all figured out. I'm bigger now, people think I'm worth money. Out of school, now we're cool. Out of bed, showered too, so how are you? How ya do? Uh, gainfully employed. We built the comets and filled our wallets, but mainly we destroy. We're on top of it. We've got jobs and shit. I'm not a number I'm a decimal and I guess that that's respectable. I've got a life to live. First I'm buying in. The rest is just the condiments. So a guy walks into a bar thats too heavy to raise, so he's set in his ways, he just stays there. Replace me with computers. There's no maybes in the future.
Work really doesn't....all we're making is consumers.
We're on top of it, we've got jobs and shit. It's accomplishment I've got a problem with. Acknowledgment, is that all there is?
I'm on top of shit. I've got a job to quit. I traded confidence for incompetence. Bring common sense to live in this landfill. A signature anthill our differences can't kill. Here's to the bands neglecting fans after death. Cheers to the man collecting cans lack of debt. Cash the check, have regret, half forget. Monkey see and monkey grew up. Hungry me, hungry you, well trust me I'm another junkie too....shux. Stuck, trapped and attached to my unorthodox cubicle. Endorphins lost as usual. I feel delusional. I guess it's mutual. So hey okay obey the way they say I have to be first. Make the opiate appropriate, repeat work and eat dirt. It's either that, complete the task at last or kill the leader fast. While I breathe in trash, wheeze and gasp through my demon's mask and believe in that. Season's pass, my faiths placed in a case at the pawn shop. Cause even if you work nonstop, on tops a long shot.
We're on top it, we've got jobs and shit. It's accomplishment I've got a problem with. Acknowledgment, is that all there is? Now I've arrived, at my 9-5. I'm so happy I could die it's the first day of my life.
(All): W.H.Y.G.O.D.W.H.Y.
Now I've arrived, at my
9-5. I'm so happy I could die. I'm feeling just fine. Now I've arrived, to the rest of my life. I'm so happy I could die. I guess I could try!
(All): W!H!Y!G!O!D!W!H!Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We're all monkeys in denial. It was funny for a while. The metropolis took hostages, we're on top of it in a pile. I'll have several babies, with a level lady. I'll pretend to care, they'll pretend to save me, and we'll get a raise. Hip hooray! Perfected wreckage, picture framed, we're on it! It takes a man to face his destiny, turn and run from it successfully, especially the way that it was chasing him and everything. So we scramble, scramble, just to get a handful. Atlantis is in shambles and happiness is canceled. A gamble, a gamble, everythings a gamble. Don't hate us we did it for pay stubs, the rest of its made up, there's nothing we're afraid of. But the world at a standstill. We're a flying car, turned dying star. We've got id cards, we're trying hard, and we don't know just why we are. So pardon you, no pardon due. Just push the fucking button and tell em it was hard to do.
We're on top of shit, we've got jobs and shit. It's accomplishment I've got a problem with. Acknowledgment, is that all there is? x2 On top, it's a long shot. x2
Track Name: Go Home
I guess I've gone and made my bed.
Anywhere I lay my head.
They say home is where you're lead.
But all I own is what I've said.
This home is full of garbage.
It's grown where dull is sharpest.
Nobody claims to be involved.
No one claims to be at all.
If there's no such place as nowhere,
Why am I still so scared?
I'm broken down, I'm alone for now.
I'll be homeward bound when my bones are found.
So this is my
home away from home.
I feel at home away from home.
Track Name: To Be Continued
Free will is nothing but the tugging of a chain reaction we don't understand, so if everything explodes its still at most a big bang cover band. It takes years to conquer fears, and even longer to be a songbird. So wait here the monsters near and we're so honored to be slaughtered. Less conquest, more progress. Improvising like we knew the words. We decay in dismay then fade to nonexistent. I put fate in a cage in chains to stop resistance. Life is just the temporary temple of the tempo. Our pulses mark the march towards our great latest last crescendo. Time is money. Throw your minutes into this wishing well. Make life a living hell so when you're finished you won't live to tell. Reach for the sun like it wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket, if you actually got it. Melt both ends of the candle, or make me the example. Take the truth and stretch it. Time is of the essence. Life is but a death wish and time is blind acceptance. I've got time to kill.
So fire at will. Inclined to build. We climb a hill. The sky to fill. The meaning of existence is to leave it in the distance. An instance is exceeded by the cement and the imprints. If I was waiting on the train, would I be standing on the tracks? Should I be playing in the rain or catching raindrops in a glass? When I put the past behind me it tends to stab me in the back. We're walking this path blindly there's no time to interact. We're caught in a trap we live with that's so big there's not an exit. We'd accept it, except its endless. No roll credits, so we're desperate to find that climax. I'd like that time back, and a refund of freedumb. We run from the season to see some rerun we've become.
Preach some reason, but believe none. Fates designs as fake as mine, and you're pretending the world is ending. Why wait in line to waste the time if it isn't worth the spending?
They're all talking at the same time. But I can hear what they say fine. Its the same plain lines and I don't wanna... interrupt the pattern? No, live amongst the chatter, as if it doesn't matter. To live on as a spectator. A specter. Nothing more than a witness. Witless.
All my times spent, bent on going the distance, but from down here it doesn't look any different. To die and become history. Hysterical. Nothing more than a human. Humorous. Neither side is winning, we can't tell who the loser is. All the while ending in a tie, this time the future quits. If all of this was planned... well damn, we should've known. Call it all a scam, and blame the seed we didn't sew. The time was on my hands but now I wear it on my face.
When eventuallys a memory the end can be a place to hide.
(Happy Tooth):We need to see an end to pretend that we exist. We bleed then leave this grim view, suspended in its grips. They've succeeded and convince you sins doom and the rents due. Believe it or begin to be continued but the ends soon.
(Dug): As we begin to be continued, when everything you've gotten yourself into is you.
(Ryan): You've always been a sundial. You can't escape your shadow. You'll always be a sundial. You only cast a shadow.