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We can't help you. But then you never really asked us too. Mostly we were talking to ourselves as if that was talking business. But that would depend on if the deep ends within walking distance. Well I jumped off the deep end too and got the weekend blues just trying to get ahead of schedule, but I got there so late the future had already passed. See, the only honest way to end your autobiography is with "To Be Continued," but there's just something so anti-climactic about a success story without that twist ending, you know what I mean? No...my life's an open book because I never got closure.
I just got older and older and then the novel was over.
Well the novel was alright until the novelty wore off,
but I'm getting to the point that I can't stand my own company.
Guess it's our destiny to live recklessly, and forget we're only human. We mistake these strangers for loved ones to swear that we know we knew them. So we speak only to hear the echo misquoted, even silence can be misinterpreted. All actions have consequences, but so does doing nothing. Then let's forget what we know and think about what we don't. The only time you're ever alive is in the present. So accept it. You can only live forever if you believe in forever. It's tomorrow I don't believe in, which must be why when I wake up it's always just today again, and that's fine, every things fine, every things final, every things finite, and times running out faster then we run after it. Maybe we're just over thinking it. But how do we know we're thinking too much when it's so underwhelming to think less? I try not to think about it. If I try hard enough, I can shut out everything outside myself to end up with nothing. Just the dial tone behind the universe that's the ringing in my ears I've been trying to talk over. So we keep breathing smoke, steam and dust until our lungs bleed, why are we asleep in this one dream where we just eat to get hungry? And what have all the platitudes added to? Plastic food for the rubber soul? Another hole in my head to use as advertising space? We're so out of it and powerless that as the hours shift we're shouting this, because we've never known what power is. A side effect of social class is being well aware we're known as trash. So we're just dry rot, and why not? There was the one war and now that's done for, now it's sit there and sign here. I'm asleep at the wheel. No problem, I don't know how to drive anyway. I was only headed to the top cause I heard it was the only way out. Where do you go when you realize the ceilings rock bottom? If time is money, why trade one for the other? What happens when the life you're living is the disease you're ignoring? When all your rights are wrong, what's left? I don't know. This is why you don't cut down your only tree to build a tree house. But it's so hard to preach loud or keep the beast down when every time we speak out we breed doubt and each cloud is another plateau of cash flow.
Still we're finding silver linings but we're lying.
Go on dreaming like you're lying through the evening
where the grass grows.
I mean it's not that bad though, even if this is our last show.
Waking hurts you in a world that waged the Earth to keep on faking virtue like they were raised at birth to. Go on dreaming or it's so long meaning. Breaking curfew like there's no dawn creeping into the slow long evening. We'll help you. At least we'll try like Hell to. They only held you to hold you responsible, but we held you to tell you there's nothing left but self to sell you. Until life's gone by, oh why God why? You went to spend it and it fell through. But at least when it ended it felt new.




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Happy Tooth & Dug Columbus, Ohio

Two emcees deliver poetically driven verses over progressive arrangements that reflect sweeping lyrical concepts. The six- piece group is fronted by lyricists Happy Tooth and Dug and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Liptak. Their debut album is called W.H.Y.G.O.D.W.H.Y.
"Definitely something different in a sea of sames." -Ara Hawkins, Virago Magazine.

"Fuck Happy Tooth & Dug" - Father John Misty
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