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(Ryan): Why, why listen to me?
Nothings what we're promising,
I'm just a commodity.
(Dug): Paralyzed and posing in an attempt to pass it off as stoic.
I'm a poet and I didn't even realize it. It's like your didgeridoo is belittling you, musical instruments can't prescribe medicine.
This is just the cream filling between beatings at the labor camp.
I'm the reigning champ of nothing more than recognizing pestilence, death defying petulance forever lives in dying young. I went and skinned the wolf and left my inner child crying dumb.
Deaf to America, America is deaf to me.
My destiny will be the death of me, burn my songs along with the rest of me. My landlocked sandbox, I never said I had a plan. My tendencies are festering while my identities gone cattle brand. Motivational speakers never mention success is a speech for suckers. The world could never be at peace, the pieces eat each other. All I wanted was to make this all you ever want, but you can't feed your family chord progressions. "Young Adult Wasteland" just don't roll off the tongue, so I'll be sold, bought and done before the forces of the fourth dimension.
The corner of Digit and Gimmick, another cynic born, on some, "Hey kids! Rob your nearest liquor store!" It's about time you learned adults are either lying or just misinformed.
(Pause for dramatic effect) Let me be the soundtrack to your same old shit, I'll even edit out the clouds I paint my rainbows with. I'm simply here to guide you to the places that I haven't seen, that brighter shade of pasture green, this ain't the way it has to be. A Plasticine catastrophe or sterilized paradise. Good thing you left the decision up to musicians, huh? You probably mistake me for having a stake in the outcome, sore bones and hormones, too old to be this young. Naive pipe dreams surviving when you bought the album. Everything sucks except us. Give us your money.
Smoke, steam, and dust. Smoke, steam and dust.
We interfere with crystal clear, it's different here with us.
We disappear, so insincere, don't believe in us.
All we are is smoke, steam and dust.
All we are is smoke, steam and dust.
(Happy Tooth):Everybody's blind, and this life's a smokescreen.
I tried to eat my pride and died, it choked me. Let's kill it before it knows its alive, and disease succeeds and kills whats inside. Just a lie, justified forever with this fact; we've never been intact, skin's better singed and cracked. Drenched in black, cause it reflects how we live. So caught up in ourselves that we don't see shit. Facetious, average people are conceited. They feel that they've been cheated, so their ego, they feed it. The people they need it to understand their condition and make an actual religion outta capitalism. A tragic collision with so-called entertainment, so simple and basic, somebody said center-stage-it. Get an agent, cause that fools a role model, he's cool and hollow and someone they'll follow. Tomorrow, all the people will forget what God is, and trade in their crosses for something obnoxious. Prophets that tell the people why to breathe. I just wanna tell the tree that it used to be a seed. Beautifully conceived, and sold at a bargain, right out of the garden, so our souls are starving. I'd talk truth if anybody would listen. Screw wisdom, I'm a musician with his muse missing. You lift them mistaken and make them a savior. So embrace the behavior while saviors get faker. Your a lie, born to die, borderline horrified. Sorta high, so mortified, this glorified story died.
Why, why listen to me?
Nothings what we're promising.
I'm just a commodity.




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Happy Tooth & Dug Columbus, Ohio

Two emcees deliver poetically driven verses over progressive arrangements that reflect sweeping lyrical concepts. The six- piece group is fronted by lyricists Happy Tooth and Dug and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Liptak. Their debut album is called W.H.Y.G.O.D.W.H.Y.
"Definitely something different in a sea of sames." -Ara Hawkins, Virago Magazine.

"Fuck Happy Tooth & Dug" - Father John Misty
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