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Free will is nothing but the tugging of a chain reaction we don't understand, so if everything explodes its still at most a big bang cover band. It takes years to conquer fears, and even longer to be a songbird. So wait here the monsters near and we're so honored to be slaughtered. Less conquest, more progress. Improvising like we knew the words. We decay in dismay then fade to nonexistent. I put fate in a cage in chains to stop resistance. Life is just the temporary temple of the tempo. Our pulses mark the march towards our great latest last crescendo. Time is money. Throw your minutes into this wishing well. Make life a living hell so when you're finished you won't live to tell. Reach for the sun like it wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket, if you actually got it. Melt both ends of the candle, or make me the example. Take the truth and stretch it. Time is of the essence. Life is but a death wish and time is blind acceptance. I've got time to kill.
So fire at will. Inclined to build. We climb a hill. The sky to fill. The meaning of existence is to leave it in the distance. An instance is exceeded by the cement and the imprints. If I was waiting on the train, would I be standing on the tracks? Should I be playing in the rain or catching raindrops in a glass? When I put the past behind me it tends to stab me in the back. We're walking this path blindly there's no time to interact. We're caught in a trap we live with that's so big there's not an exit. We'd accept it, except its endless. No roll credits, so we're desperate to find that climax. I'd like that time back, and a refund of freedumb. We run from the season to see some rerun we've become.
Preach some reason, but believe none. Fates designs as fake as mine, and you're pretending the world is ending. Why wait in line to waste the time if it isn't worth the spending?
They're all talking at the same time. But I can hear what they say fine. Its the same plain lines and I don't wanna... interrupt the pattern? No, live amongst the chatter, as if it doesn't matter. To live on as a spectator. A specter. Nothing more than a witness. Witless.
All my times spent, bent on going the distance, but from down here it doesn't look any different. To die and become history. Hysterical. Nothing more than a human. Humorous. Neither side is winning, we can't tell who the loser is. All the while ending in a tie, this time the future quits. If all of this was planned... well damn, we should've known. Call it all a scam, and blame the seed we didn't sew. The time was on my hands but now I wear it on my face.
When eventuallys a memory the end can be a place to hide.
(Happy Tooth):We need to see an end to pretend that we exist. We bleed then leave this grim view, suspended in its grips. They've succeeded and convince you sins doom and the rents due. Believe it or begin to be continued but the ends soon.
(Dug): As we begin to be continued, when everything you've gotten yourself into is you.
(Ryan): You've always been a sundial. You can't escape your shadow. You'll always be a sundial. You only cast a shadow.




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Happy Tooth & Dug Columbus, Ohio

Two emcees deliver poetically driven verses over progressive arrangements that reflect sweeping lyrical concepts. The six- piece group is fronted by lyricists Happy Tooth and Dug and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Liptak. Their debut album is called W.H.Y.G.O.D.W.H.Y.
"Definitely something different in a sea of sames." -Ara Hawkins, Virago Magazine.

"Fuck Happy Tooth & Dug" - Father John Misty
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