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We've got the blues, the talking blues. I mean at least it got us talking. Aside from the sky, we'll all got em too. Truth is I think that it's awesome. Let's admit, a little bit. We've all got something in common and come unglued on what to do,
(All):Now that we know that we got em!
They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I've got no guesses what that says about the road to Heaven. Born the doormat of perception, with no format or direction. Met my reflection, didn't respect him, (All):now I'm learning my lesson.
(Ryan and Dug):So I'm setting up a talk show, every midnight at the crossroads. I'm writing down all the lines I walk, so on the day that I don't mind, it's cause I gave up and lost mine.
I said question everything, that's the answer, sure, but ask me why that is and I'll stop. "Quit with the quest in the questions and just enjoy it instead,"said the voice in my head, but then he's just a lot of talk. All I wanted was enlightenment, even just a tiny bite of it. Rock n' roll and bottled soul to pass around the fire pit. But their not changing their plans unless they already plan to.
Is it still taking a stand when nobody understands you?
Is it my shackles or my shadow that I battle with?
Am I an actor or an activist? Am I the cattle or the catalyst?
It's you whose gotta save you, even when it's from you.
Running from yourself, well tell me, who you gonna run to? Who you gonna run to? One of these days I'll procrastinate, but until then tomorrows gonna have to wait. I tell me waking hurts you, yeah but what have day dreams earned you? A flooded engine from suggestions only mentioned half awake, you call that escape? Come on. Just jump for the sky, like a lie is a way out, draw new blueprints for amusement and as soon as your finished. Go about your normal business. (All):Pity party parade route! I'll just bottle all the fossils of the awful strife, and only ever use this one song device, where I spent my whole life, seeking the meaning of life. So I could figure out the meaning of needing the meaning of life, to be happy. In case life doesn't think to thank me for asking. And the future's just a rumor, but listen to the past it's laughing. Educated stupid, lease us your bones. Trust in the combustion and leave your seeds among the stones. And we're all forget it, I'll never accept it. I'll regret it in advance. We knew what we wanted but we couldn't confront it, so we leave us alone. See what I'm really trying to say is that if anybody really knew what they were trying to say, they wouldn't have to try and say anything,
they'd just say it. You know?
You're either building a future or your tearing it down. Among the rubble with a shovel trying to bury the ground. Oh it's hilarious now, then a chuckle, then a grumble, then you're not even mad at yourself, naw, cause you're barely around.
All for it's expected use, it's a dull-edged and selective truth.
Outside the routine it's confusing, you don't get it, and it gets to you. I figure what I'm turning into, should be better then what I turned out to be. I miss the comfort of being sad, when hunger's numb and slumbers had. It's like I forget how to swim, the second somebody isn't drowning me. I'd come into my own, but you know, I never thought it would come to that. Red ellipses open slow, and crowbar outta comatose. A wreck expecting best of days, who on most occasions forgets to shave. Not bothering with water wings, just bothered by a lot of things. Oh failing all, don't fail me now.
I was hoping you could bail me out.
I'll talk anything but business, I'll make anything but a difference,
I need a way to change the world but please not anything specific.
(Ryan and Dug): I could be a pebble, or I could be the devil.
It's all in fun, it's all been done, and everybody's special.
Sleeping is restful, but dreaming is stressful.
The possibilities are killing me. The gray area's in pencil.




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Happy Tooth & Dug Columbus, Ohio

Two emcees deliver poetically driven verses over progressive arrangements that reflect sweeping lyrical concepts. The six- piece group is fronted by lyricists Happy Tooth and Dug and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Liptak. Their debut album is called W.H.Y.G.O.D.W.H.Y.
"Definitely something different in a sea of sames." -Ara Hawkins, Virago Magazine.

"Fuck Happy Tooth & Dug" - Father John Misty
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